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Pam and Brad Gudgeon were married on April 26, 1996 and have been following God ever since. In June 1997, they were called away in dream from Nashville, TN to southern Indiana where they witnessed a lumberjack who manifested many supernatural gifts in the Spirit. In 2004 they saw Rodney Howard Browne in Nashville, TN who manifested the exact same signs. 

Pam and Brad Gudgeon

They have observed and gone to many different denominations as part of a learning process, getting themselves ready for the days we are in right now! Pam's first encounter with God was at the age of 19, and also Brad's encounter with God was at the age of 19. Their marriage created a whole new dynamic, with many dreams, visions, & supernatural manifestation over the years.  They are both awaiting Brad's 69 birthday on July 1, 2023, when he was told by Jesus in April 1974 that he would be chosen to help His people in a time of international bankers and wars.

Together they have written over 100 Christian songs. Along with Bruce Bellott, they wrote the Tea Party hit music video "We Ain't Goin' Away" in March of 2010, which debuted on YouTube in September 2010 and quickly hit 46,000 views, becoming one of the top 8 Patriot Videos of 2010. In the summer of 2010, they recorded an album of original Americana songs with Brad as lead singer called: Eagle River Highway, "Snapshot of America", with the theme being "Christian Patriotism" and the fast disappearing "American Dream". The album charted the Worldwide Electronic Billboard at #7 in November 2010 with no external promotion whatsoever, climbing above such notables as Roseanne Cash and John 'Cougar' Mellencamp. The song "Heartbreak City" became a huge hit in Sweden.

In October 2010, they attended the Patriots Convention in Richmond, Virginia seeing and meeting such notables as Lou Dobbs, Ron Paul and Griff Jenkins of FOX news. During that year, Jesus told Pam that the Tea Party would morph. Indeed it did, as political commentator and Tea Party coordinator Michael John's told Brad, “Donald Trump hijacked the movement in 2011 when he saw a Tea Party Rally in Florida, and realized that these rallies had potential for a movement to propel him into the White House.”

They also followedKim Clement's Prophecies over the years, seeing him personally in the Hendersonville and Nashville, TN area from 2000 to 2012. Pam gave him a handwritten letter in 2004 telling him that the Anglo-American Alliance was found in Revelation 13 and that he should not take this letter lightly. The next night he came out on stage and got down on his knees and looked up and said, “Lord, I am not taking this lightly”.

In 2016, Brad bought the domain name Eagles Over America dot com and started building “Christian Patriot Media” in 2019 just after an operation on his neck paralyzed his cricothyroid muscle, which limits his upper singing range.

According to Social-Anthropologist William H. Westermeyer's 2019 book, "Back to America: Identity, Political Culture and the Tea Party Movement" (pg. 127), in which he highlights the music video, "We Ain't Goin' Away", as well as Lee Greenwood's song, "God Bless the USA", he emphasizes solidarity within the movement through the use of these songs.

In late February 2022, Brad touched Pam's hand in their living room to pray and immediately Brad saw a vision and started weeping. He beheld a beautiful diamond studded gold cross that was on a desk. Then he beheld the cross grow bigger, so that it stood high on a stage, being maybe 10 feet tall. The next thing he saw was the cross with legs like the Eiffel Tower, which grew so high into the sky, he could not see the end of it. 

Then he was told a four point plan that is on the Eagles Over America website. The first one had to do with feeding people and planting heirloom seeds using a miracle product called HarvestGold (shortages of food are coming), the second one had to do with music, the third one one had to do with teaching people how to come out of Babylon, and the fourth one had to do with forming an alternative economy, while getting ready for the next even bigger pandemic being planned down the road. John Paul Jackson prophesied about coming food shortages and a worse pandemic. Alex Jones of Infowars (who sas been 98% accurate) sees the same thing. Alex is also  seeing an imminent threat to our grid, just as John Paul Jackson prophesied over 10 year ago!


In March 2022, Brad made a simple music video about the trucker convoys all over our nation. He used the Eagle Rive Highway Song “Freedom Road” that was recorded in the summer of 2010. The Rumble video link is posted here and on this website.


On May 11-12, 2023 they attended Flashpoint Nashville Live as “Christian Patriot Investigative Journalists”. Pam took pictures and mingled with couples and women, while Brad talked to men asking them their opinions of the event. Brad's review of the event and Pam's pictures are on this website.

Pam Gudgeon

Brad and Pam are getting ready to put out a home made music video called “A Field of Wheat”, which parallels their call to get people ready for the coming food shortages by planting food gardens. Brad has planted a lush food garden using their miracle product “HarvestGold”. HarvestGold is available for purchase at this link. Use code: cpmwaga25 to receive 25% off purchase. We are looking for distributors to help us get this miracle product out as fast as possible.