From the recording Snapshot of America

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B. Gudgeon, P. Gudgeon, B. Bellott

Copyright 2020

Droning Foghorn Music, BMI


We ain't goin' away, we ain't goin' away
We the people are talkin',
and we got somethin' to say.

We were founded on the rule of law
and liberty in God,

and if you think we're jus' gonna take it
Buddy, you know you got it wrong!
[2,3,4] (Chorus)

You can talk all day,
'til you're blue in the face,
we don't buy your lies.

We'll sit on the scene
'til you come clean and
Buddy, you better get it right! [2.3.4]

We are the people, we do the talkin'
You better listen now
cuz we ain't stoppin'

We are the people [the USA!]
You better listen now
cuz we ain't goin' way!

We're gonna shout it out!
We're gonna, sing it, sing it loud!
(chorus 2x) (tag)

We the people are talkin'
and we-e-e-e-e ain't goin' away!