From the recording Snapshot of America

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B. Gudgeon, P. Gudgeon, B. Bellott

Copyright 2020
Droning Foghorn Music, BMI


You're not the only friend
tryin' to keep me here,
and I don't mean to seem
like I'm bein' insincere,

But now we're diff'rent me and you,
there's a cross road we're comin' to,
I'm chuckin' the old and
movin' on to someplace new!

Heartbreak City, my old friend,
I don't wanna drag this out
to the bitter end.

I need freedom, and my ship is overdue
Heartbreak City, I'm over you!

Came back home to you,
but I couldn't stay.
Like a river, we change in so many ways.

Cruisin' down the neighborhood lane:
a snapshot o' good time pain,
water under the bridge, nothin' to gain.
(chorus) (bridge)

Got mixed emotions 'bout hangin' 'round
a new town on my mind,
I guess I'm jus' tryin' to say good-bye!
(tag) oh-oh-oh-oh,
Heartbreak City, I'm over you!