From the recording Snapshot of America

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Written by B.Gudgeon, P.Gudgeon

Copyright 2020 Droning Foghorn Music, BMI


Ed was a man born in 1931
Served his country well, a captain in a war
Came home and got married
and he had a son.
Did well in sales, you might say
he was hard to ignore.

Came outta the old school
Ed was a man o' his word
Lost a couple o' fortunes
but he managed to keep a third.

For richer or poorer,
he touched many lives.
And we may never really know
how far down the line.

For richer or poorer,
how do we count the cost.
We're richer for having known him,
but poorer for what we lost.

Later on his first wife died
and he married his second wife Shirley.
Together they would travel world,
but he still liked Granny's stuffed turkey.

Shirley took it hard
when Ed passed away.
Together right down to the end,
Kids lost more than a father that day,
he was a really good friend.
When we choose the vows we take
Do we understand the effect we make, or do we jus' mouth the word in vain?